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New G2 CCD camera adapter for Nikon photographic lenses
 Cooled CCD cameras of the G2 series are used not only with astronomical telescopes or microscopes, but also in number of applications requiring usage of common photographic lenses. Lenses with the M42 × 1 thread are outdated and no longer in production. So the only lens system compatible with G2 CCD cameras was Canon EOS bayonet. This is why the a new adapter for G2 cameras was introduced. The adapter is designed for lenses complying to the bayonet of another leading photographic equipment manufacturer—Nikon.

The adapter for Nikon-compatible lenses (this means not only Nikkor lenses, but also lenses produced by other manufacturers complying to this standard) is attached to the camera body by the same way like other adapters for various telescope/lens standards—using four metric M3 screws. So replacing of the adapter is very easy and the only tool necessary is the Phillips screwdriver.

Nikon bayonet adapter for G2 series of CCD cameras

Nikon bayonet adapter for G2 series of CCD cameras

The Nikon adapter preserves the required back focal distance to be able to focus image properly. Still the camera body contains enough room for mechanical shutter and a filter wheel with 5 or 6 positions for filters up to 10 mm thick.

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