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G1 CCD cameras can use all telescope/lens adapters designed for large G2 and G3 cameras
 G1 CCD camera body is equipped with C-mount threaded adapter. 1.25 inch barrel adapter can be threaded into C-mount, so the G1 camera can be used in all telescope focusers, capable to hold standard 1.25 inch eyepiece. But many other standards are used, for instance Canon EOS and Nikon F bayonets, T-threads, Pentax/Praktica M42 × 1 thread lens etc. Large G2 and G3 cameras can support all these standards using appropriate adapter. All these adapters can now be attached also to G1 camera equipped with newly designed interface part, which provides G2-like mounting surface on G1 camera.

Typical usage of G1 camera, be it in the role of automatic guider or Moon and planetary imager, requires placing of the camera into telescope focuser instead of normal 1.25 inch eyepiece. But there are optical systems not equipped with such interface—typically photographic lenses or special devices like focal reducers, field correctors, filter wheels, flip-mirror systems etc. To eliminate problems with attaching of G1 cameras to such system, new interface element was designed to mimic large camera (G2 and G3 series) front mounting plate on small G1 cameras.

G1 camera with T-thread adapter attached

Interface element is designed to preserve back focal distance of all used adapters. This mean it is possible to properly focus all lenses with particular bayonet or thread (Canon EOS, Nikon F, Pentax thread, T-thread, ...).

The interface is not designed only to thread into C-thread on the camera side. It is attached instead of original CS mount to provide robust connection and to maintain proper adapter orientation. The minus side is the interface element is not user-replaceable. G1 camera must be ordered with standard CS mount or with G2/G3-like interface. It is also possible to replace the adapter later, but camera must be returned to manufacturer for this operation.

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