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Download new version 1.3 of G2/G3/G4 CCD camera driver for MaxIm DL
 New version 1.3 of G2 revision 3+, G3 and G4 cooled CCD cameras for MaxIm DL is available for download. New drivers version fixes the problem with downloading of image while the camera shutter stays opened, which could occur on some low power personal computers like Intel Atom powered netbooks.

All G2 revision 3+, G3 and G4 CCD cameras are software compatible, so they share the same driver.

New driver works under both MaxIm DL (camera control and image processing software—see the Diffraction Limited version 4 and version 5.

Driver version 1.3 fixes the following problems:

  • Previous version drivers could download image from the camera without previously closing of the shutter. This could occur when the PC processor utilization reached 100% at the end of the exposure (typically when a really slow PC was used to control the camera, e.g. Intel Atom based netbook with low memory). Computer was then not able to handle message, requesting closing of the shutter, and started image download immediately. This version fixes this problem and ensures shutter is closed before image download regardless of the CPU utilization.

  • This version also fixes following of the defined CCD cooling/warming slopes (parameter “Max. step” in degrees Celsius per minute, defined in the driver Advanced Setup dialog box). Previous version drivers usually changed the temperature with slower speed than requested.

Driver can be downloaded from Download page of this site.

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