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Scientific Image Processing System v2.0.1 is available for download
 The SIPS v2 release brought quite significant rework of the software internal architecture, which made the SIPS GUI much more responsive to user actions as well as opened ways for future development and enhancements. But moving of almost all functions to background tasks significantly increased software complexity and also introduced some problems, compromising SIPS stability. We decided not to wait for introduction of new features in SIPS v2.1 to fix these problems, but to release “maintenance” version 2.0.1 with only a few new features, but with numerous problems fixed. The SIPS can be downloaded from download page of this www site.

New features

Some algorithms (like image statistics calculations) were reworked to fully utilize multi-core CPUs or modern PCs. It is almost impossible to buy a PC with single-core CPU these days and even the cheapest netbooks are equipped with dual core processors. Number of fully parallelized algorithms in SPIS will increase over time. Parallelization in SIPS is not limited to certain number of cores—if the CPU offers six, eight or more cores, parallel algorithms are designed to use all of them.

SIPS v2.0.1. allows dragging of image selection frame larger than the visible portion of the image. If the user scrolled the image and tried to continue in dragging of the selection rectangle, new mouse button press canceled the current selection rectangle and started new selection from the mose cursor position. New SIPS version allows to continue selection if the mouse button is pressed in any of four corners of the currently selected rectangle. Mouse cursor is altered to indicate the current selection rectangle will not be erased, but selection will continue.

Bug fixes

SIPS v2.0.1 fixes problems, found in the previous versions of the software.

  • Image set windows cannot be minimized if images ate displayed in individual tabs. Minimized image set windows descended below the tabbed images and become unaccessible.

  • Fixed problem when new image downloaded from camera, trying to overwrite currently selected image, arrived after the user chose to close the particular image and SIPS opened the message box asking whether the particular image should be saved before closing.

  • Fixed problems when the user closed the CCD Camera tool window while the image was just downloaded from the camera.

  • Clicking of “Full Frame” command button in the “Frame” tab of CCD Camera tool reset the binning count boxes to 1, but the full resolution was kept to values corresponding to selected binning.

  • If some transformations were applied to newly downloaded image (defined in “New Image Transform” tool), selected sub-frame remained related to the image before these transformations, which did not correspond to the image displayed in the “Frame” tab.

SIPS v2.0.1 is a freeware and can be downloaded from the download section of this WWW site.

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