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Dovetail mount adapter for Gx cameras
 While the Gx cameras are firmly attached to the telescope focuser in most cases, sometimes they are used with photographic lenses, which lack any means for attachment to the telescope mount. While the G2 camera body offers standard “tripod thread”, larger G3 and G4 models did not allow for such threaded hole due to internal arrangement of CCD cold chamber. But we slightly redesigned the G3 and G4 front shell as a response to request from our users and introduced two standard 1/4" threaded holes close to the edges of the camera top side. These holes can be used to attach new 1.75" dovetail adapter (Vixen standard) for safe attachment of camera head to almost any telescope mount.

The dovetail adapter for the Gx camera is designed to be compatible with both G2 cameras (with one central threaded hole) and G3/G4 cameras with two threaded holes. The adapter follows the Vixen standard, sometimes marked as 1.75" dovetail, which makes it compatible with virtually all mass-marketed telescope mount of small to medium sizes. If the mount uses larger 3" dovetail standard, adapter converting 3" to 1.75" has to be used.

G3-16200 camera with dovetail adapter attached (left) and camera fixed on the common equatorial mount (right)

The threaded holes in the camera head can of course be used to attach the camera to any other custom-made adapter, Moravian Instruments Gx Camera Dovetail adapter is only an option available to Gx camera users.


Please note the dovetail adapter extends to the camera top side, so it is not possible to combine it with OAG adapter.


The manufacturing of G3/G4 cameras with threaded holes is ramping, but cameras without this option are still available on the market. This is not a problem for users attaching their cameras to the telescope, but if anybody plans to use camera with ordinary photographic lens, make sure to explicitly order a variant with the mounting holes.

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