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Software supporting G2 CCD cameras with image processing and manipulation functions
G1, G2 and G3 camera system drivers for 32 and 64 bit Windows operating systems
 Gx series of CCD cameras with USB interface require installation of system driver. Newly released driver pack for all series of Gx camera contains drivers for both 32 and 64 bit Microsoft Windows operating systems (Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7). All drivers are digitally signed, which is required for drivers to be installed on 64 bit versions of Windows Vista and Windows 7 operating systems. (more...)
Download SIMS v1.1.5
 New version of camera control and image processing software SIMS (Simple Image Manipulation System) is available for download. The possibility to keep guiding star at defined coordinates was added to the automatic guiding. Image combination tools were enhanced to be able to create partial sums or medians of aligned images. (more...)
G1 CCD Camera Driver Update
 New driver for G1-0800 CCD camera (both monochrome and colour version) slightly modifies image readout timing. This leads to better image quality and more stable images. Other driver optimisations of all G1 cameras enhance readout speed when only the sub-frame is read from the camera. (more...)
SIMS v1.1.4 enhances automatic guiding and introduces “night mode”
 Newly released version 1.1.4 of the Simple Image Manipulation System further enhances automatic guiding. In addition to increasing guiding reliability by elimination of random events (e.g. radioactive particle traces on the CCD chip), new version of SIMS can recalculate guiding parameters after changing of the telescope declination or after swapping of German Equatorial mount. Another enhancement is newly introduced “nigh vision mode”, protecting eye adaption to darkness. (more...)
SIMS v1.1.3 records AVI video
 Newly released version 1.1.3 of the Simple Image Manipulation System can save images read from the camera not only to individual FITS files, but also to single AVI video file. This feature is appreciated especially by planet observers, who can use AVI file processing to pick up moments of the best seeing and then distinguish fine details on planet surfaces. But this is not the only enhancements of v1.1.3—some new functions were added, e.g. high quality reconstruction of color image using the pixel grouping method, and also some problems of the previous versions were fixed. (more...)
G2 CCD and G1 CCD Camera Drivers for MaxIm DL v4
 New drivers for both G2 and G1 series of CCD cameras for MaxIm DL camera control and image processing software is now available for download. The driver supports all currently available G2 (G2-0402, G2-1600 and G2-3200) as well as G1 (G1-0300, G1-0800 and G1-2000) cameras. It is also possible to control the G2 internal filter wheel from MaxIm DL software suite. (more...)
G2 CCD Camera Driver for AstroArt v4
 The driver for G2 series of CCD cameras for AstroArt is now available for download. The driver supports all currently available G2 cameras: G2-0402, G2-1600 and G2-3200. It is also possible to control the G2 internal filter wheel from AstroArt software suite. (more...)
G1 CCD Camera Driver for AstroArt v4
 The G1 series of CCD cameras can now be used in AstroArt camera control and image processing software suite thanks to newly released driver, which can be freely downloaded from our web site. The driver supports all currently available G1 cameras: G1-0300, G1-0800 and G1-2000. (more...)
New SIMS version 1.01 available for download
 Simple Image Manipulation System is continually evolved to enhance its functionality, add new features and implement tools astronomers need in everyday observations and image processing. Recently introduced version 1.01 contains lot of new features and significantly enhances features already present in previous version. (more...)
How SIMS is used to search for novae
 Kamil Hornoch is todays most successful discoverer of novae in the M31 galaxy. He uses CCD camera on his backyard telescope to image Great Andromeda Galaxy and searches for “new” stars. With almost 40 discoveries on his account, astronomers observing on multi-meter telescopes sometimes help him with the effort. He also uses SIMS software package to calibrate and process CCD images. (more...)
Introduction to SIMS
 SIMS software package was developed to support G2 astronomical CCD cameras. But SIMS functionality is much wider than simply acquiring images from the camera. Number of available tools support image calibration, image blink, sub-pixel image addition and (L)RGB image composition, various mathematical operation and filters etc. SIMS also supports sequential image capturing, including filter changes, delays and sub-sequences. Native image format is FITS and SIMS also allows FITS header control and modifications. (more...)

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